Apply To Be In Our Next Cohort

Have a great idea that you’ve been working on? Looking to make a serious run at establishing and growing a company? Is entrepreneurship in your future? Apply to be a part of our next Cohort. What does it take?

Great Ideas
Great ideas that are going to push the envelope – whether it’s the next great app, commercializing a life and health sciences technology, or building the next best engineering widget. We want to help foster and grow your ideas. We hope that you’ve received some early feedback and are ready to build a prototype or alpha product, or have already built something and are in the testing phase.

Great Teams
More importantly, we want great teams that are passionate about their projects.
Bright individuals with deep skill sets that have every intention of starting a company and have already or will be incorporating within the first 3 months of residency.
One founder or team member between the ages of 18-29.

Great Community
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will Hamilton’s economic revival. Entrepreneurism will be one of its pillars and we’re looking for folks that are going to develop, nurture and participate actively in the ecosystem. Whether that’s attending Forge and community events, providing peer mentorship or getting involved in any way possible – we want our Forge members to give back and pay it forward.

What can you expect?
Access to resources that will help you accelerate your companies to the next stage whether it’s services (lawyers, accountants, marketing teams) or access to technology (3D printers, mobile device libraries, leading class workstations).
Mentorship and coaching from entrepreneurs, faculty and community.
Rent free space for your team to work in and collaborate.
and so much more…

What is our expectation?
A team willing to work fast, work hard and produce a client ready product by the end of their term. We’re looking for engagement, enthusiasm and energy – so if you want forge a new company hit the link below and apply.