Meet our current cohort of companies!

Metacloud is a software development company and focuses on research and development of consumer cloud products. Metacloud’s current product is Arc, which is a photo curation type of mobile application and web application that solves a well known problem in 1 step. Metacloud also does consulting to fund it’s research.

Bondfire focuses
Bondfire focuses on the cards aspect of non-digital games. Essentially, it is a mobile application which acts as a platform to emulate real physical cards. In 98% of mobile “card-type” games on the market, the game’s logic is built into the application. The Project Biscuit app does the opposite by separating itself from any game logic. This allows freedom for anyone to be able to make “deck” files which contains both the cards and the game’s logic. Additionally, these deck files can be shared with friends without the friends needing to have the files on their phones as well, just as it is with regular physical cards. Lastly, there are plans to prevent piracy, establish a game upload and download service, and promote a social environment within the console.

Project Serenity
Project Serenity has designed SERENITY, a unique navigation system for the visually impaired which communicates directions to users via tactile feedback, granting freedom of their auditory system which can be used for other purposes. When visually impaired users need to navigate to a new location, they would enter their desired destination into their phone app and instead of getting directions via voice feedback, they will be directed via vibratory feedback. This not only improves their level of independence but also makes travelling to novel locations much safer. They aim to perfect this system comprising of a modified cane, belt and a smartphone app, and deliver it to the visually impaired community, to improve their quality of life.

QReserve is an online platform for discovering and cataloging research equipment, resources and services. We enable researchers and students to find and access the tools they need within their own campus or across the globe. QReserve Inc. was established in 2014 as a spin-out company of the Biointerfaces Institute at McMaster University.

Start the Cycle is a social entrepreneurship venture promoting active mobility for youth. In short, Start the Cycle facilitates a non-profit ‘bike share’ program for school aged children between the ages of 5 and 15 based on the same for profit bike share model used to promote bicycle use for transport in cities across Canada and the United States. The 2015 Pan American games Cannon Street bike path project provides an ideal opportunity to form a pilot project for Start the Cycle as it coincides with available funding and existing new infrastructure plans.

Thrive Games seeks to revive the over-saturated gaming market by creating innovative multiplayer games, while hearkening back to the complex nostalgia of gaming’s evolution. Through their research, they discovered that consumers are being overwhelmed by very poor quality games that are rushed into production and are no longer allowed the required amount of development time to create something great. Video game developers are creating products that cater to a casual audience, segregating a niche market of gamers who are searching for a memorable and challenging experience. Thrive Games is establishing a solution to this.

RotaNovus’s first product is Joovo. The project is targeting the issue of out of date rollator designs. The problem with current rollators is that they do not meet current demands of the customers. Through analysis, a variety of issues were determined and categorized. The goal of this project is the bio-mechanical redesign of the rollator mobility solution to improve the customers experience.

Blue Orchid was founded with a simple mission – to create and design simple innovative solutions for challenges that face millions of caregivers every day. Our aim is to create and develop assistive living products aimed towards increasing the quality of life for both patients and caregivers. Whether it is family members or professional caregivers, we want to ensure that by using our products the patient can receive optimal care without frustration or injury for both parties involved. Our goal is to analyze and design products that would allow the patient to maintain their independence for as long as possible within the comfort of their home. Our first line of products will focus on mitigating the loss of mobility from aging, and will provide affordable, simple solutions with regards to lifting, moving and handling the patient at home.